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Monday, February 4

Guestbook Entries September 12-29, 1909

September 12th: Irving Batchelle + 3 friends
Notes: Ridgefield

September 14th: Mrs. Knox + 2 Masters Bronson
Notes: Ridgefield

September 18th: Anniversary. A year ago the burglars broke into the house at midnight. They were condemned to terms of 4 and 9 years. Persons of their sort had been plying this trade in the house for a long time, but we were not aware of it. This 18th close all relations with them. [The word "this" is underlined]

September 21st: Concert 3pm. In aid of the village library building fund.

Concert Team:

Ossip Gabrilowitsch
David Bispham
Clara Clemens
Mark Twain
+525 other guests

September 25th: Announcement!!

September 26th: Final + Total extinction of the Sandhogs! Many Thanks!

September 29th: I came back from the Hudson-Fulton celebration, N.Y.

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