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Friday, February 1

Friday's Finds

Concert Team- September 21

Traveling Cigar Case-Closed

Traveling Cigar Case-Open

Playing Pool

Ivory Billiard Ball #5

Writing Tablet [Backside]

Writing Tablet [Front]

"This writing board, used by Mark Twain, for writing in bed, up to the time of his death, was given to me by Clara Clemens."

Box reads: H.DE Cabanas Y Carvajal- Sucesores

Fabrica de Tabacos

"I have been in Eden three days and I saw a King. I knew he was a King the minute I touched him. Though I had never touched a King before."

-A Daughter of Eve
Helen Keller, January 11, 1909

This is just a teaser, there will be a more descriptive post tomorrow...found a ton of good stuff!!

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