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Saturday, February 2

The Aquarium

Sam explains the M.A. notations in the Stormfield Guestbook with the following:

"The Aquarium is a club of 12 school girls. I appointed them. I am curator [otherwise Autocrat] and the only male member."

Subordinate Officers:
Clara Clemens, Mother Superior
Miss Lyon, Chatelaine [meaning-Woman who owns or controls a large house. BMC]
Daniel Fishman, Legal Staff
R.W. Ashcroft, Legal Staff

"The Aquarium's official device is an Angel-Fish"

Angelfish appearing in the Stormfield Guestbook [in the order they visited] -

Dorothy Harvey, M.A. from Deal Beach, New Jersey. First week of July 1908 [8 days]
Louise Paine, M.A. Redding, Connecticut. First week of July 1908 [8 days]
Majorie S. Breckinridge, M.A. Redding Glen, Connecticut. Sept. 8-9, 1908
Frances Nunnally, M.A. Peachtree Road, Georgia. Sept. 27-29, 1908

SLC: "Francesca" the year before aged 16- while I was on the other side to receive an Oxford degree, she helped me pay calls in London every day for two weeks. Her picture is in the billiard room with the other M.A.'s [Members of the Aquarium]"

Margaret Blackmer, M.A. Briarcliff, New York. October 2-5, 1908

SLC: "Margaret of the Shell"

Margaret visited Stormfield three times. Sam notes after one of the visits "In 3 more days she will be 13 yrs. old. A New Year's Gift was Margaret, a pretty rare one too."

On April 10, 1909 at Noon, SLC writes: "Margaret is due to arrive here with her mother at 5:45 this evening. It is an event: an event like the advent of spring after winter. The scamp will be welcome. Also her mother."

Helen Schuyler Allen, M.A. Bermuda. October 16-17, 1909

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