The purpose of this project is to celebrate Samuel L. Clemens' life in Redding, Connecticut by documenting and showcasing his time here in multiple formats both online and offline. Your donations & site sponsorships will help me dedicate more time to these projects and allow me to get them online sooner.

Friday, February 12

We Need a Venue for Fund Raising Event

Alan Kitty has offered to bring his one-man-show "Mark Twain's Last Stand" to the Southwestern Connecticut area to help us raise fund for our Connecticut Tourism Project.

The show recalls Mark Twain’s “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” - a social satire and sci-fi fantasy delivered before its time. But the genre was just getting started then. Today, time-travel is a popular theme among both science fiction writers and scientists.

Alan Kitty’s vision & talent brings Twain in an instant from the nineteenth century into the can read about that here:

We need a venue...a big venue where we can raise as much money as possible. We are looking to Fall 2010 for the event.

Please spread the word, we need funding.

The ultimate goal of this project is to make Connecticut a destination for Mark Twain tourism and research in the future. The project is based on Illinois' successful "Looking for Lincoln" tourism project.

With 55 Connecticut towns and cities now connected to Mark Twain, and many of these connections relating to existing museums and/or public buildings...the only thing we need now is funding.