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Friday, February 8

Clemens Centennial Vodka Goes into Production

The artwork for the bottle labels has been sent to Cisco Brewers of Nantucket. Jay Harman is the CFO of Cisco Brewers and a former Reddingite. His Vodka- Triple Eight [888] Vodka is an ultra-premium vodka, triple distilled from the highest quality organically grown grain. It is then blended with exceptionally clean and soft water drawn from well #888 in Nantucket. Triple Eight outscored Ketel One in the 2003 and 2004 World Spirit Championships.

I knew the vodka would be the perfect match for our fundraising efforts when I saw the three 8 balls on the label. Billiards and Twain seemed to go hand and hand here in Redding.

For our own purposes Mr. Clemens will appear in place of the 8 balls. The artwork comes from Susan Durkee who lives on the Lobster Pot property on Mark Twain Lane in Redding. To view the artwork click here.

At the moment I have an order in for three (3) cases, six (6) bottles per case. We will auction some, sell some and use the rest to reward volunteer efforts. If there is an interest out there to purchase more cases, I'm willing to me at

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