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Saturday, April 24

Twain House Comes to Redding

This morning I'm up and preparing for a special trip down to Redding. A group from the Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford is visiting the Mark Twain Library today and we plan to give them a grand tour of Twain's Redding.

We will be exploring locations in Redding that relate to Twain and visiting the Stormfield property. I'm really looking forward to it because as an added bonus... Malcolm Jones of Newsweek will be with us as well. Earlier in April Malcolm visited Hartford with me to explore all the amazing items and exhibits at the Twain House and Jeff, Patti and Steve provided a grand tour of the grounds and buildings...easily the best day I've had all year.

Today we return the favor with a front row ticket to Twain's life and legacy in Redding, Connecticut.

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