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Thursday, April 22

Magical Centennial At Stormfield

Last night I had the rare opportunity to stand where Mark Twain left this Earth at 6:22pm. Although Twain's estate burned to the ground in 1923 a slightly smaller replica was built on its foundation in 1925. With the help of the original blueprints it was no problem to find the exact spot. It was magical to say the least.

To mark the Centennial I also left a special Mark Twain Stormfield Cache for the Geocachers to find on Mark Twain Lane.

The cache contains a property layout of Stormfield, a short history of Stormfield, a copy of the land purchases that Twain made while living in Redding, Connecticut and a for sale advertisement from October of 1910. More will be added soon. Looking forward to reading comments from those who find the cache.

Full coordinates:
N 41° 17.707 W 073° 24.309

More later...I'm in deep need of doing "actual work".

See the cool cake Mark Twain House got from Ace of Cakes:

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