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Saturday, January 24

Estate Values in 1910...Clemens vs. Colley

It's not even close!! While searching for Clemens Estate data back in November 2008 I was surprised to look down one line and see my great-grandfathers name. John Colley was a carpenter and later worked for Gilbert & Bennett, he did well enough to eventually purchase the Aaron Davis property on Church St. Georgetown but was no where near Mr. Clemens in 1910.

This is the breakdown of S.L. Clemens' Redding estate at the time of his death:
Grand List: $36,480; Dwellings and Buildings: (2)$26,500; Acres: 270 $6,750; Horses (3) $200; Cattle (1) $30; Coaches, Carriages, Wagons, Autos and Bikes $100; Musical Instruments $100; House Furnishings/Library $300; All stocks liable to taxation: $2,500