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Wednesday, April 21

Redding, Connecticut & Mark Twain

With the Centennial finally upon us, I'd like to share some information on Mark Twain's time in Redding, Connecticut.

News articles and blog posts are appearing all over the World today and in them many people are seeing the words "Redding, Connecticut" next to "Mark Twain" for the very first time.

In an effort to raise awareness of & interest in Mark Twain's time in Redding, I have put together a slideshow presentation that highlights his final home, Stormfield, and the library he founded for the people of Redding.

"Give me a breath of Redding air once more and this will pass."
-Mark Twain as he returned home from Bermuda for the last time.

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Sandi Bergeron said...

Great stuff Brent! I grew up in Redding, up Diamond Hill. I remember going to story time in that old library. I remember walking up Mark Twain Lane many times as a youth to walk through the property stone gates, just to see a slice of his heaven. I researched the Boyd House directly across from the lane and began my love of local history. I took my 18 yr old daughter to Twain's house in Hartford yesterday, amazing man, amazing house.Thanks for blogging! You may remember my younger sister Erin Conklin, I am Sandi Conklin Bergeron of Manchester, CT