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Wednesday, May 13

Mark Twain Centennial Collection Available

Mark Twain and a Friend
from the Mark Twain Centennial Collection
A Large, Matted, 20x24 Mahogany Framed Print is $295.00. Without a frame the Print is $95.00. 8x10 Matted Prints are $45.00. All come with Certificates of Authenticity.

As you can see, Portrait Artist Susan Durkee, has been hard at work this winter at her studio on Mark Twain Lane in Redding, Connecticut. Susan is a huge fan of Twain's life and over the years we have become good friends. This past Monday I was in Redding exploring options for Centennial Celebrations in 1910 and I stopped up to see Susan for her input.

I was greeted with a pleasant surprise, to say the least! The print above is one example of her work to-date, there will be others showcased online in the near future. I think all Twainiacs will love what she has done for a Centennial Calendar which includes the print above surrounded by vignettes of his life in Redding. I hope to post that soon.

If you are interested in acquiring one of these prints...

Lobster Pot Studio
23 Mark Twain Lane
Redding, Connecticut 06896

The Centennial Calendar
Signed by the Artist
13 x 19
$24.95 plus shipping & handling

Lobster Pot Studio
23 Mark Twain Lane
Redding, Connecticut 06896

Limited 500 Edition 16x12 Print,
Each Signed and Numbered by the Artist, and accompanied with Historical Pictorial reference guide
Available matted and ready to frame for.... $75.00
Available matted with 20x16 Mahogany Frame....$250.00

Shipping, Handling and Tax extra

Susan does amazing work, the print above is of Jean Clemens and belongs to the Mark Twain Library in Redding.

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