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Sunday, May 17

Centennial Kick-Off at the Lobster Pot

June 6th, 2009 from 4:00pm to 6:30pm come to 23 Mark Twain Lane in Redding, Connecticut to kick off the Mark Twain Centennial. Reservations are required, as space is limited to 50 people and there is a $15 event fee. [rain date: June 7th]

The Lobster Pot in Redding is part of the original property Mark Twain purchased in 1906. This is where Isabel Lyon lived as she tended to the construction and interior decoration of Stormfield prior to Twain's arrival in 1908. We felt it would be fitting to kick off the local Mark Twain Centennial Celebrations here at the Lobster Pot seeing so much of Twain's life in Redding was influenced by the decisions made on this property.

The original Saltbox was lost to fire in 1953 but the foundation, patios, gardens and stonework still remain. The gardens, which Susan Durkee faithfully tend to, will be the colorful focal point of this event.

In addition to the garden tour, the Lobster Pot Studio will be open for viewing, there will be previews of Dangerous Intimacy, a new documentary on Isabel Lyon's relationship with Twain, Brent Colley will present a slideshow on Twain's days in Redding and Susan Durkee will speak on Isabel Lyon.

Reservations are required, as space is limited and there is a $15 event fee. For reservations and further details call Susan Durkee at

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Carol CAnnon said...

Having the priviledge of seeing these gardens before, I cannot recommend this experience enough...given the Twain centennial celebration and the opportunity to view the fine painting of Susan Durkee, treat yourself to the pleasure of viewing the beauty and skill of this master painter, gardener, and Twain enthusiast. - CC