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Monday, May 4

How I'm Going to Celebrate Twain's Life

Death is not a pleasant thing...for the living anyway. Next April when the 100th anniversary of Samuel L. Clemens' death rolls around I am going to celebrate with a multi-location tribute to his life and friends here in Fairfield County.

There are plenty of interesting individuals and towns to explore and it should be a grand way to showcase them all.

Over in Ridgefield there is Cass Gilbert's Keeler's Tavern Museum and the location of Col. Edward M. Knox's "Downesbury Manor", whose 300 acres included a 45-room mansion Mark Twain often visited. Learn more here:

In Easton is Helen Keller.

"I am charmed with your book--enchanted. You are a wonderful creature, the most wonderful in the world--you and your other half together--Miss Sullivan, I mean, for it took the pair of you to make complete and perfect whole..." Letter to Helen from Twain at Riverdale - on - the - Hudson
St. Patrick's Day, 1903

In Bethel is P.T. Barnum...that connection is made via the "Stolen White Elephant" and "Christmas Elephant"

Should be great fun putting this together, if you have information on surrounding towns please share them.

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