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Wednesday, March 24

Mark Twain News Articles of Interest

Twain's been a hot topic...apparently the Reports of his Death were an exaggeration, he gets more press than most modern day writers!

Here are some of the most recent articles that I've found interesting enough to share:

1. From the Buffalo News, A Tour of Twain's Summer Home in Elmira New York

2. From the New York Times, Mark Twain the Baseball Fan

3. From the Los Angeles Times, A Review of the latest Mark Twain book, Mark Twain's Other Woman

4. From the Redding Pilot, History of Boy Scouts is rooted in Redding, Connecticut

5. From the Christian Science Review, Their Review of Man in White, A close look at the last four years of Mark Twain's life

6. From Daily-Record in Wooster, Ohio, Mark Twain Scholarship Alive and Well

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