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Friday, January 8

Blog Tag...Twain is it!

Talk of Our Town: Ridgefield CT has a neat little game called "Blog Tag" in the works... it's a fantastic interactive idea and seeing it's pushing 2pm Friday and I can't concentrate anyway I'll accept the challenge.

The rules are simple. First, on your own blog, tell 10 things about yourself, in the spirit of sharing and, well, self-promotion! Then you tag 5 blogs or websites that inspire your blog!

Here it goes:

1. I'm 39 years old, grew up in Redding, Connecticut, married (Christine), two kids (Liam and Emma), one dog (Bailey) and we all live up in Sharon, Connecticut now.

2. In real-life, I'm a web developer who specializes in online promotion and search engine rank improvement.

3. In my spare time, I work with a number of non-profit groups and lead walking tours, slide shows and speaking engagements that showcase a wide range of historic interests.

4. Since January of 2008, I have been working to uncover Connecticut's Mark Twain 'Connections' in towns and cities across the State to encourage a re-awakening of interest in Twain related research and tourism here in Connecticut. 54 towns and cities to-date.

5. My first site was launched in 1998. I started the site to share what I was finding out about Redding, Connecticut and make it easier for others to learn about Redding's amazing past.

6. It was because of that I learned HTML and Graphic Design and three years later launched my own web services company.

7. In 2006, was averaging 15,000 page views a year. I wanted to improve those numbers so I switched web hosting companies and began a search optimization campaign using site traffic statistics and online search trends for guidance. In 2009, had over 480,000 page views, averaging over 40,000 page views a month. Now I help others do the same.

8. I love the Historical Fiction Novel My Brother Sam is Dead. In my opinion is it the best historical fiction novel focused on our area...ever. I use it to teach kids from all over the Country about the early stages of the Revolutionary War.

9. I am addicted to Twitter and it bothers me.

10. Never tell me I can't do something, I will.

The 5 Blogs that I visit often and inspire me are:

The Mark Twain LibraryRedding's public library that Mark Twain himself founded and funded. Their history archives are amazing and their online database resources are pretty sweet too! I've made 85% of my Mark Twain Connections via this amazing database of letters. If you haven't been to the Mark Twain House in Hartford in a while...Go! Many great upgrades and exhibits. The home of the Mark Twain Forum, a great Listserv service for Twainiacs. Twain quotes, newspaper collections and related resources. This is the sources of all sources for Twain.

Tag, you’re it!

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