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Thursday, August 6

Stormfield Photos

These are some images I scanned this summer from the Mark Twain Library collection.

Clemens and Angelfish in October 1908 at the Mark Twain Library Dedication event.

Stormfield in the days prior to Clemens arrival.

Stormfield ready for the grand entrance of its owner.

Stormfield from the back. View of Clara's Cage on the right.

New Mark Twain Library building with Stormfield in the background.

Below are photos of the Lobster Pot before and after renovations.

Isabel V. Lyon was forced to return this house and 20 acres to Clemens on 07-17-1909.

Grantor: William F. & Catherine Kearney 03-24-1906- 75 Acres
Grantor: Albert B. & Arthur S. Hill 05-07-1906- 110 Acres
Grantor: Estate of Sarah E. Jones 09-04-1906- 10 Acres
Grantor: Stephen E. Carmina 04-10-1909- 125 Acres (Jean's Farm)
Grantor: Isabel V. Lyon Ashcroft 07-17-1909- 20 Acres

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