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Monday, June 8

Stormfield- The Property

Samuel L. Clemens' Redding Land Purchases:

First Purchase:
03-24-1906, 75 Acres from William F. and Catherine Kearney

Second Purchase:
05-07-1906, 110 Acres from Albert B. and Arthur S. Hill

Third Purchase:
09-04-1906, 10 Acres from Estate of Sarah E. Jones

Fourth Purchase:
04-10-1909, 125 Acres from Stephen E. Carmina

Fifth Purchase:
07-17-1909, 20 Acres from Isabel V. Lyon Ashcroft

Total Acreage: 340 Acres

Samuel L. Clemens sold pieces of land of varying sizes to the following individuals:

Albert B. Paine
Isabel V. Lyon
Fannie Nash
Mark Twain Library
John W. German
Mabel S. German
Dora L. Paine

Property Transers:

03-19-1923 Estate of Samuel L. Clemens to Margaret E. Given of N.Y., 268.21 Acres

04-21-1924 Mary E. Given of Provincetown, Mass. to Mary G. Millett of N.Y., 268.21 Acres

05-21-1937 Mary G. Millett to Doreen Danks, 268.21 Acres

*Recent property transfers withheld to protect the owners privacy*

Photos of New Stormfield:

1925 Re-Construction Photos:

Aerial of New Stormfield in 1953:

Thank you Gary Banks & Mark Twain Library for the photos!!

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