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Monday, April 6

Stormfield House Rebuilding Crew 1925

Stormfield House Rebuilding Crew at Clambake Picnic at Deep Hole in the Summer of 1925.

Front Row: L to R

William A. Reynolds, George W. Banks, William Banks, Lawrence W. Banks, Bernard Gagnon, Al Busser, Arthur Burr, Mason (Name Missing), William Busser, Sr.

Back Row: L to R

John Whitehead, William Busser, Jr., Clinton B. Hull, Steven Harker, Erwin Henderson, William J. Gagnon, George S. Banks, G. Samuel, Ricks, Oliver C. Banks, Jesse Banks, Mason (Name Missing)

Just as a point of information, George S. Banks was the Deputy Sheriff who, with the help of others, caught the two gentlemen who robbed Stormfield. His son, William Banks, was the General Contractor on the rebuilding of Stormfield, and his grandson, Lawrence Banks, was responsible for getting the giant mantle (which had been given to William Banks as partial payment for the construction work)into the hands of the Mark Twain House in Hartford. All are present in this photograph.

Many thanks to Gary Banks for forwarding this photo and the information associated with it!!

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