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Thursday, December 18

Stormfield & Mark Twain Lane in 1915

I recently received some great photos from Susan Durkee. They are photos from a March 1915 trip to Stormfield.

The first photo was a mystery for sometime that Susan and I worked on together. Via the Stormfield Guestbook I believe I found out where it was and who lived there...Angelfish Majorie Breckinridge lived "over on the hilltop, the cabin in the Glen." according to Sam's note next to her name in July 1909.

Clemens 1910 Redding, CT Estate Tax Assessment:
Grand List: $36,480:
Dwellings and Buildings: (2) Value $26,500; Acres: 270, Value $6,750; Horses (3) $200; Cattle (1) $30; Coaches,Carriages, Wagons, Autos and Bikes $100; Musical Instruments $100; House Furnishings/Library $300; All stocks liable to taxation: $2,500.

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